The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide For International Visitors

For international visitors who are visiting Bali for the first time, having the best Bali tourist guide is very important. Because this tourist guide to Bali can help you find out various things related to recreational or tourist activities in Bali.

With this travel guide, you can find out information about interesting places on offer, travel tips, culture, traditions, culinary delights and so on. Knowing important information before going on holiday or visiting, it is hoped that the trip and vacation with your beloved partner or family will be as expected. Apart from offering amazing tourist attractions, Bali is suitable for all events, including honeymoon trips to Bali. So that your holiday moments in Bali are maximized, and your holiday doesn't disappoint, let's follow the best Bali travel guide below.

Find Out Tips For Traveling To Bali

One of the tourist guides that you need to know before planning to visit or go on holiday is travel tips. These tourist tips include choosing a hotel or accommodation, choosing the best time, choosing transportation as a means of touring in Bali. Determine recreation areas, tourist attractions to visit, know etiquette, especially when visiting tourist attractions that have holy places. There are many more things you need to know when visiting, this tourist guide on holiday tips is much sought after by tourists.

Learn How To Travel To Bali

To reach Bali there are several types of transportation to choose from, for domestic tourists you can drive privately, buses and ferries. However, for a foreign traveler, it seems like the only option to reach this Bali tourist spot is by plane. If you take a plane to visit the Island of the Gods, the plane will land at Ngurah Rai International Airport. This airport is the second busiest airport in Indonesia, almost all foreign and local flights operate at this international airport. For foreign tourists, except those from ASEAN countries, they are required to have a visa and passport to visit Bali. Most foreign tourists get an On Arrival visa for a period of 30 days in Bali.

Learn Bali's Unique Culture And Traditions

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the attraction of Bali is not only that it offers various amazing tourist attractions. But also local cultural wisdom, many unique cultures and traditions are held here, as well as being an interesting attraction for tourists. In Bali, there are many cultural tourist attractions that are the cultural heritage of our ancestors from ancient times. These various kinds of beautiful offerings in the form of unique culture are a special attraction for tourists visiting Bali. Tourist guide for unique cultures and traditions, including the uniqueness of Tenganan village, the corpse cemetery in Trunyan and others. And also a number of traditions that are often held, such as Omed-omedan, Nyepi Day, Mekotek, Melasti, Mesuryak tradition, Makepung, and so on.

Choosing The Best Time To Visit Bali

It's a good idea to avoid these 2 seasons if you want to spend a holiday on the island of Bali, namely the rainy season and peak season. If you travel to Bali during the rainy season, you will not be able to enjoy the beaches and other tourist destinations. It's best if you want to visit, come during the summer season which lasts from April to September. However, it should be noted that the sun in Bali is quite hot, so it is recommended to use sunblock if you don't want to suffer burns And if you travel to Bali during peak season, almost all costs increase, such as accommodation, plane tickets and vehicle rental prices. This price increase during peak season ranges from 25℅ to 40℅, of course this is an obstacle for those who have a limited budget.

Choosing A Hotel For Tourism In Bali

The island of Bali has many accommodations ranging from affordable hotels to luxury hotels. Look for one that is close to the tourist location you want to visit, usually tourists who are visiting for the first time choose south Bali.

Choose A Time During The Low Season

When choosing a vacation time, everyone certainly has different tastes, but you must remember that the Island of the Gods is a popular destination. During high season, weekends and national holidays there will definitely be lots of visitors. Tips for saving more money include traveling during low season.

Arranging An Itinerary, Where Do You Want To Go On Holiday?

Before going on holiday, you have to prepare an itinerary and determine where you want to go on holiday, choose destinations that are close to each other in one area first. This can save costs and time, information about entrance tickets must also be collected before going on holiday.

Book Accommodation And Transportation In Advance

If you want to travel, apart from preparing your holiday outfit to Bali, you also have to book accommodation such as plane tickets and lodging early. The goal is to get the options you want, sudden orders on holiday dates will make it difficult to get them.

Doing Research About Food

Doing research about food must be done because food is the main thing when going on holiday somewhere. Especially if you are allergic to certain foods, Muslim tourists must also pay attention because there is quite a lot of non-halal food here.

For those who have a limited budget, it is also very important to do food research, this is because the price of the food there is quite expensive. In different areas, the ease of getting certain foods is also not the same, you must also research places to eat that suit your needs.

Understand Local Customs And Culture

In Bali, the people there still have strong culture and customs, which have not even been eroded by the flow of change from outside. Therefore, it is not surprising that while you are there, you will find various forms of application of local cultural customs. For example, offerings, prayers at certain times, and other traditional events, on this island several areas have their own rules. As a tourist, you must understand all things related to customs and culture, and avoid breaking the rules.

Know The Taboos And Prohibitions In Bali

When on holiday in Bali, there are several things you need to know about taboos or restrictions on the Island of the Gods. This tourist guide is very important to know, unless the tour uses the services of a driver or guide from native Balinese. The prohibitions or taboos are related to visits to various temple tourist attractions on the Island of the Gods, Bali. These prohibitions include clothing procedures, manners or etiquette when holding religious ceremonies. So as not to disturb the ritual ceremony, including etiquette and manners when asking local residents on the street. There are also several restrictions when bathing at the beach and many other taboos and prohibitions. These are some of the best Bali tourist guides that you might need when planning to travel to the Island of the Gods. With a travel guide, it is hoped that it can help in providing a number of information so that the holiday becomes more enjoyable and more satisfying.

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