Exploring Ubud Discover The Charm Of Bali's Arts And Crafts Hub

Ubud has a variety of charms, with stunning natural views, friendly people, interesting art centers, making tourists want to explore Ubud. Ubud is a sub-district in Gianyar Regency, the charm of Ubud can make people feel amazed.

Apart from being known for its instagrammable rice terrace system, in Ubud you can also find the charm of an arts and crafts center. The Ubud art market is a place full of color and life, truly reflecting the richness of art in Bali.

Although Ubud Village does not have a beautiful beach, this village offers a million other natural beauties. Ubud presents artistic and cultural performances as well as exotic creative crafts from the community.

The lives of the people of Ubud cannot be separated from art, so if you look for art galleries in Ubud they are very easy to find. Ubud has the Ubud Art Market which is near Ubud Palace, here you can shop for various kinds of Balinese handicrafts.

Exploring The Charm Of The Ubud Tourist Destination

It is certain that visiting Ubud can be a comforting medicine for the soul and can relieve fatigue after being busy with daily routines. This is of course in accordance with the name Ubud which means "medicine", which in Balinese is called "Ubat".

You can explore the charm of Ubud's stunning natural beauty by visiting Campuhan Ridge Walk. Tourist destinations are tourist attractions that are very popular among tourists.

Apart from that, Ubud also has traditional tourist attractions that are very thick with local culture. Such as Saraswati Park, Ubud Palace, and Goa Gajah. If visiting Ubud won't be complete if you don't visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, to calm your mind you can explore the charm of the Bali Bird Walk tourist attraction.

Enjoy Ubud Culinary

There are lots of delicious culinary specialties that you must try when visiting Ubud. Some of the typical Ubud culinary delights are Kakul satay or snail satay, Betutu duck and Kedewatan chicken rice.

The Ubud culinary market sells many unique market snacks such as traditional Balinese cakes. Traditional market snacks include banana rai, laklak, kaliadrem, godoh, klepon and many others.

There are also several stalls around the Ubud Art Market that sell food with a heavy menu. The snacks with a heavy menu sold at this stall include jinggo rice, Balinese porridge, and lilit satay and others.

How To Visit Ubud Tourist Attractions

If you want to visit Ubud, you can use the air route, flights to Ngurah Rai International Airport are always available. For flights from big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta and so on.

After arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport, the journey can continue for approximately one hour by land. Traveling to Ubud can also be achieved by sea using ships from big cities around Bali.

Ships from big cities around Bali will then dock at Benoa port, Denpasar Bali. Then after arriving in Denpasar, a journey takes about 1 hour to reach Ubud.

History Of The Ubud Art Market

The Ubud Art Market used to be an ordinary traditional market which was converted into an art market and became popular with tourists. This is because public and tourist interest in art has increased, and it has become one of the busiest places.

The history of this art market adds value as an arts and crafts center for the Ubud Art Market. This market is intended for artists or tourists who want to find authentic works of art from Bali.

Visit The Ubud Art Market

One of the famous markets in Bali is the Ubud Art Market, various traditional crafts from local artists are sold in this market. This market, which is located on Jalan Sukawati, Ubud, is a very suitable place to shop for typical Balinese crafts.

Apart from that, by visiting this Art market you can also find an authentic market atmosphere. Visiting this place makes the shopping experience very pleasant and you can also enjoy the attractions of the Ubud Art market, including the following.

  1. You Can Find Various Arts And Crafts From Local Artists

The Ubud Art Market has its own attraction for tourists who visit this place. This market presents a unique and authentic traditional market atmosphere, with a pleasant atmosphere.

Apart from that, this market also sells various typical Balinese crafts. The crafts sold by this market are the results of the creativity of local artists. In this market you can find various types of arts and crafts products such as the following:

  • Various types of typical Balinese statues made from various materials such as stone, wood and clay, as souvenirs from Bali.
  • Various paintings depicting natural riches and culture can also be found at the Ubud Art Market.
  • There are also handicrafts such as batik, leather, silver, weaving, pottery, and so on.
  1. Meet Friendly Traders

In general, at the Ubud Bali Art Market, the traders have a friendly attitude and always answer all questions politely. These traders will also be happy to negotiate and help find the items you are looking for.

  1. Enjoy The Typical Market Atmosphere

Tourists can find beautiful and unique views around the Ubud Art Market. In this place you can enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere and a typical Balinese Art Market feel.

  1. Has Varying Prices

The prices of goods sold at the Ubud Art Market are also quite varied, depending on the type and quality of the goods you are looking for. In this market you can find expensive or cheap goods depending on your wishes and can be adjusted to your budget.

  1. Have The Opportunity To Negotiate

In this place, never hesitate to negotiate prices with traders, in this market you can bargain for goods. Haggling over prices can be a fun experience, make sure when buying goods you get the right price.

  1. Unwind At Local Cafes

After feeling tired of shopping around the Ubud Art Market, you can stop for a moment at one of the cafes around the market. While looking at the atmosphere of daily life in Ubud, while accompanied by a glass of fresh drink or delicious Balinese coffee.

So if you are planning to go on holiday, don't hesitate to visit Ubud, because in this place you can experience the true magic of Bali. By visiting Ubud tourist attractions, you can enjoy the charm of the Arts and Crafts center and a fun shopping experience in Bali.

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