Rimba Jimbaran Bali Luxury Hotel With The Best Facilities

For those who want to vacation in Bali, there is a recommendation for a luxurious and very attractive hotel that you should consider, namely the Rimba Jimbaran Hotel Bali. If you visit this place on holiday, see everything in this hotel, you will definitely be amazed by its amazing beauty.

Rimba Jimbaran Bali is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Jimbaran, Bali. This hotel offers a variety of facilities and extraordinarily beautiful views that will definitely amaze visitors. The Rimba Jimbaran Hotel has a modern hotel design with a combination of exotic natural nuances and is very comfortable. Apart from that, this hotel also has direct access to one of the best beaches in Bali.

Therefore, at the Rimba Jimbaran Hotel, visitors can enjoy a quiet private beach.Enjoying the beauty of the stunning sunset panorama is truly an unforgettable experience.

Get To Know The Rimba Jimbaran Hotel Bali

Hotel Rimba Jimbaran Bali is located in the 90 hectare area of ​​the Ayana complex, which is located overlooking Jimbaran Bay. Which is a world-class resort destination, the name "Rimba" comes from Sanskrit which means forest.

This hotel has a modern style room design, very suitable for holidays with family, friends, as well as for honeymoons. For visitors who stay with children, there are special facilities for children such as a children's swimming pool, kids club and also babysitting services.  Hotel Rimba Jimbaran is a 5 star hotel that provides rooms with modern designs, with legendary service. The luxurious accommodation here includes pool access rooms as well as very spacious suites that offer terraced swimming pools and the beauty of the sea in tropical gardens.

Jimbaran Jungle Location Bali By Ayana

The Rimba Jimbaran Hotel is located in Karang Mas Estate, Jimbaran, in South Kuta, Bali Island. This hotel, which is considered very luxurious, is only approximately 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. This hotel is also located close to several famous tourist destinations on the Island of the Gods, Bali. If you want to visit a traditional fishing village, it only takes a few minutes to travel from this 5 star hotel.

From this luxury hotel Rock Bar the distance is only 1.02 km, and if you want to go to Tegal Wangi Beach it is only 1.31 km. From the Rimba Jimbaran hotel you can enjoy many holiday spots which are certainly very memorable and enjoyable.

Enjoy A Welcome Drink In The Jungle

If you are on holiday visiting this luxury hotel, don't forget to enjoy a welcome drink while also enjoying lunch. This place has a really comfortable atmosphere, a really pleasant lunch atmosphere. And the welcome drink here is very instagrammable and really unique, similar to a flower pot. And the food at this luxury hotel is very tasty and has quite large portions with prices that are a little pricey according to the quality of the food.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Kubu Beach In The Jungle

When staying at the Rimba Jimbaran Bali Hotel, the most interesting thing about this luxury hotel is that it has a private beach. In fact, it is very private that only Rimba Jimbaran hotel guests can visit this place. This private beach is absolutely perfect, a calm beach with a stunning panoramic view of the beach. The beach with clear sea water and white sand, feels very comfortable and calm on Kubu beach because it is not crowded with visitors. From the Rimba Jimbaran hotel you can use a boogie car to reach Kubu beach. And also for visitors to this luxury hotel, a special free boogie is provided for access to the restaurant and spa which are still in this hotel area.

To enjoy Kubu beach, visitors must use the elevator because this beach is under a cliff. From the top, the view displayed is very beautiful, especially when you are on the beach of course. There are also seats provided in the elevator for visitors who choose to sit because they are afraid of heights. In this beach area there are sunbeds, there is a swing for 2 people, and of course there is young coconut ice.

Rimba Hotel Is Exclusive With Complete Facilities

Hotel Rimba Jimbaran Bali is an exclusive hotel with complete facilities, offering a million beautiful natural views. This hotel has 403 rooms with a modern style design, providing various and complete facilities. Providing luxury accommodation such as Pool Access Rooms Suites with views of the blue sea and are also very spacious. Apart from that, at the Rimba Jimbaran Bali hotel, there is a multi-level swimming pool that visitors can enjoy.

There are packages for honeymoons, there are multilingual staff to welcome visitors, this 5 star hotel offers an unforgettable holiday experience. And there are several other facilities available at this luxury hotel that can be enjoyed, including:

  1. Spa Facilities In Rimba

One of the facilities that can be enjoyed at this place with your partner is the spa facilities and massage services which are very pleasant. This spa treatment can help relax the body and mind creating a very pleasant relaxing experience.

  1. Golf Course Facilities

Apart from that, this luxury hotel also provides golf course and golf practice facilities for golf fans. This is certainly a very memorable experience, playing golf with your partner is a romantic moment that cannot be forgotten.

  1. Bicycle Facilities

The Rimba Jimbaran Hotel also provides bicycle rental facilities for visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of this place. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty around this luxury hotel by exploring it by bicycle.

  1. Providing Business Facilities

The Rimba Jimbaran Bali Hotel also provides various business facilities for those on business trips. such as meeting rooms, computers, projectors and many other facilities, below is information about some of the facilities of this luxury hotel, such as.

  • WiFi spots in public areas.
  • Game room, family room, children's play area, child care area.
  • Steam room, Sauna, Hot tub, Spa.
  • 24 hour room service.
  • cleaning service.
  • Laundry services and others.

Several Room Types And Prices

This 5 star luxury hotel has many rooms to choose from, these rooms are spread over 5 floors, the rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable. There are several types of rooms provided at the Rimba Jimbaran hotel, including:

  1. Ocean View Room, Special Deal.

If you want to rent a room with a beautiful sea view, this type of room can be the right choice. This room has a room area of ​​38 square meters, various facilities are available in this room, and the rental price is IDR. 5,413,505. Per night.

  1. East Suites, Special Deal

This room is one of the best room types that this luxury hotel has, various facilities can be used in this room. This room also provides a comfortable bed, a bathtub and a private bathroom. This room has a room area of ​​55 square meters, in this room you will find luxury and comfort. To enjoy the luxury of this room, visitors must rent it for Rp. 5. 966,159 per night.

  1. Ocean View Room.

The Ocean View Room is a favorite room that many visitors book, a room that offers the luxury of the Rimba Jimbaran Hotel. Visitors will feel comfort and luxury with various facilities that can be accessed easily, the price of this room is Rp. 4,606,129. Per night.

And there are several other types of rooms besides the room types above, such as Jimbaran Room, HillsIde Room, Jimbaran Suite and so on. And if you want to order, of course the price is according to the visitor's booking time and date, you should check the price again before ordering.

Rimba Jimbaran with a feel of beauty and a touch of luxury of a 5 star hotel with the best quality service. A hotel that offers amazing natural beauty can make every moment at this hotel special.

For those who want to vacation in Bali, make Rimba Jimbaran Bali by Ayana your choice of romantic holiday destination. And create special moments that cannot be forgotten at this exclusive Rimba Jimbaran hotel.

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